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SKU: CD0035

Tuscan flair for your ceiling with an ingenious mix of elegance and patina! We find the mix of old with patina and newer elements makes every object extremely exciting and unique. Toscana displays an old metal umbrella, which we have combined with a wire basket that we have in our inventory. The umbrella adorned an office in England for many years and found its way to Cruisin 'Design. We are of the opinion that the combination of both elements gives the hanging lamp an Italian flair. It is only available once in this form! Another design element is the light source that is used. A tube Edison pear in particular gives this unique piece a special look. We see this lamp as a dining room lamp, kitchen lamp or kitchen island lamp in the ideal use. Of course, there are no limits to your imagination as to how you want to use Toscana.

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    Lovingly handcrafted in Germany.

    The lamp is equipped with modern cabling, has a 3 meter long cable and is of course supplied with a light source as usual. On top of that there is a 2 year guarantee from our crew on your product!

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