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Faak Stage 1

Faak Stage 1

SKU: CD0005

"Faak Stage 1" is the first version ever designed from our popular Faak family, which impresses with its crystal clear chrome and an unmistakable look.

  • Faak

    The design is a tribute to the European Bike Week. This is an event on Faaker See, in Carinthia, Austria, at which up to 40,000 Harley-Davidson riders and 50,000 fans of two-wheelers of all brands meet every year at the beginning of September. In 2014, the previous high of 130,000 participants was reached.

  • Info

    Lovingly handcrafted in Germany.

    All lamps are equipped with modern electrical installations and cabling, table and floor lamps have approx. 3 meters long cables and are of course supplied with light sources, which can vary depending on the design. On top of that there is a 2 year guarantee from our crew on your product!

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