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SKU: CD0038

This is our vintage wall clock "Continuum"! It was elaborately processed for vintage and is an eye-catcher for every wall. Originally it was a dining table top. It is made of beautiful German beech wood and has been processed and refined accordingly by us. After processing the wood, we decided to use high-quality chalk paint in antique white and gray in several layers in order to finally highlight the wood base tone as well as the antique white and gray with our grinding technique.

The clock has a diameter of 100 cm (1 meter), a torque reinforced clockwork and extra large hands. As further details, we have deposited the digits with blue LED diodes and integrated a light ring, which gives the clock on the wall a beautiful aura of light. The clock does not have to be removed to change the battery. Simply removing the aluminum cover enables the battery to be changed. The light ring can be operated by means of a remote control and can be designed in different colors. The clockwork is silent and quartz controlled.

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    Lovingly handcrafted in Germany.

    All light elements are equipped with modern electrical installations and cabling, floor lamps have approx. 3 meters long cables and are of course supplied with light sources, which can vary depending on the design. On top of that there is a 2 year guarantee from our crew on your product!

    - Approx. 1 meter in diameter

    - Illuminated with LED and color changing modes including remote control

    - Light-backed digits

    - The battery can be changed without removing the clock

    - Torque reinforced movement

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